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Oral Surgery
in Lansdowne, VA

Oral surgeries can be intimidating for patients, but our friendly dental team is here to help you through every step of the process. Instead of having to go to a different practice for your wisdom teeth removal or bone graft procedure, you can schedule your treatment with us and work with the same team in the same office that you are used to. To learn more or schedule a consultation, please contact our friendly front office team!

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What surgeries can I receive in-house?

Many dental offices have to refer patients to oral surgeons when they need a surgical treatment performed. Your Community Smile is proud to offer the following procedures:

  • Dental implants — a small incision must be made in the gums so that the jawbone can be accessed, and a hole will be carefully created in the jawbone before the implant is placed and the gums are stitched up.
  • Wisdom teeth removals — our office provides both dental extractions and wisdom teeth extractions. Wisdom teeth are the third molars that occasionally need to be removed due to crowding, impaction, and other issues.
  • Bone graft procedures — when a tooth or several teeth are missing for an extended period of time, the jawbone can become weak and begin to deteriorate. Bone graft procedures restore jawbone health and are often done before implant placements.
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Will my oral surgery be painful?

At Your Community Smile, we do our best to help our patients have the most comfortable dental visits possible. Before your treatment begins, a local anesthetic will be used to numb your teeth and gums. Patients can often still feel pressure, but it works very well at reducing and blocking pain. Our office also offers nitrous oxide sedation, which helps patients relax during treatments and helps the time pass by faster.

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What is aftercare like for oral surgeries?

The aftercare instructions that you will receive will be unique to your situation and based on the procedure you’re receiving. In general, patients should plan to rest and recover for at least a few days post-treatment. Too much activity too soon can lead to complications. You will also want to stock up on soft foods that require minimal to no chewing. Cold compresses and sleeping with your head elevated can also be helpful for reducing swelling.

If you have any questions or concerns for our team, please don’t hesitate to ask, and we will be happy to assist you.

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