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Custom Dentures
in Lansdowne, VA

Our team at Your Community Smile wants to help you feel great about the appearance and functionality of your teeth again. Whether you need a few teeth replaced with a partial denture or all of your teeth replaced with full dentures, we’d be glad to assist you. Schedule a denture consultation with our team today to learn more about dentures and how they can help you eat, speak, and smile with confidence and ease.

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What are my options for dentures?

Your Community Smile offers three choices for dentures: partial, full, and implant-supported dentures.

  • Partial dentures — When a patient has one or more gaps in their smile, custom partial dentures can be snapped into place to restore their smile quickly and effectively.
  • Full dentures — Full dentures are used when a patient needs a full arch of teeth replaced. They rest on top of the gums, and denture adhesive can be used to help secure them in place.
  • Implant-supported dentures — Dentures can also be made to attach to a few dental implants that are placed throughout an arch, which offers more stability.
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How should I care for my dentures?

Dentures should be removed, brushed, and placed in a denture solution every night to keep them moist because if a denture dries out, it can warp and lose its custom shape. Patients should brush their dentures with a soft-bristle toothbrush and denture cleaner or mild dish soap and always rinse their dentures thoroughly before placing them back in their mouths. Keeping your dentures clean will help them look great and last for many years. While dentures are quite stain-resistant, denture whitening products can also be used to make your dentures gleam.

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How will I know if dentures are right for me?

Traditional dentures can be a good solution for patients who do not have enough healthy jawbone tissue for implants to be placed. They also don’t require any teeth to be modified unless one or more damaged teeth need to be removed so that the patient can receive full dentures. If you aren’t sure which restorative option will work best for your unique smile, we recommend reaching out and scheduling a consultation with our team. Dr. Abtahi would be happy to find a solution that fits your preferences, oral health needs, and budget.

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