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How to Clean Your Clear Aligners

May 18, 2021 7:50 pm

Clear aligner therapy is a discreet way to achieve a straighter smile. Caring for your aligners is relatively straightforward and simple. And doing so is imperative, or you could end up prolonging your treatment or even endangering the health of your smile.

You will be wearing your aligners nearly all day, every day (about 20-22 hours daily). Because they are in nearly constant contact with your teeth, it’s crucial to keep them as free of bacteria and food particles as possible. In this post, we explain how to keep your clear aligners clean!

Avoid Hot Water

Clear aligners are made of a thin, smooth plastic. Their material makes them comfortable and inconspicuous when worn. As a result, though, they will warp if exposed to hot water, rendering them ineffective. Clean your aligners using lukewarm water. And don’t even think about putting them in the dishwasher!

Drink Only Water While Wearing Them

Avoid drinking anything other than regular water when wearing your aligners since they can absorb pigment and become stained. Additionally, if a liquid contains any sort of sugar or acid, it will pool in the crevices of the trays and increase your risk of tooth decay and discoloration.

Clean Your Aligners Daily

Clean your aligners morning and night with soap, lukewarm water, and a separate soft-bristled toothbrush than the one you use to brush your teeth. Don’t use regular toothpaste on your aligners since it can leave tiny scratches. Also, give them a quick rinse any time you take them out and before putting them back in.

Store in Your Case When Not Wearing Them

When you’re not wearing or cleaning your aligners, keep them safely stored in their case to prevent loss, breakage, and contamination.

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